Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey people! something new for all you artists. My first ever online recorded painting in photoshop. It was fun, and I was pleased enough with the finished product. However I must say the bang at the end of this wick is Damion's critique, paint over at the end. Follow the link, he's a follower on my blog, to check out his blog. I learn from painting, as well as watching other artists paint, and when I get the chance, from watching artists critique other artists. But Having an artist paint over my work is in my opinion the best way to learn. I'd really have to compare it to playing chess by yourself, or watching to others play, as opposed to playing against an opponent. There's no beating the rock hard critique that comes from a talented artist painting over your work and tailoring a lesson specifically for you.

This is the first time Damion has ever done anything like this, and I have urged him to offer this service to other artists. With some compensation (after all this stuff takes time and work like any other art job). And I definitely feel that it'd be worth it if you're looking for other avenues of growth as an artist. I know I learned from it in minutes what might have taken me immeasurably longer.

here's the version before it was painted over.